Which Zaggora product should I buy?

Hot Pants
All Zaggora Hot Pants are crafted from the same ThermoFit fabric technology, which boosts your calorie burn for more effective exercise. The difference is in the lengths and features: 

Atomica Hot Pants, Fold Over Hot Pants, and Viva Hot Pants all have a super-comfortable adjustable Lycra waistband to flatter your middle and a breathable gusset between the legs to help you stay fresh. They come in a range of colours and in capri length or above-the-knee. 

High Rise HotPants give you the most heating coverage across the middle, with a waistband made with ThermoFit fabrics to target your stomach. 

Viva HotPants are knee-length and come in five vivid colours accentuated by bold contrast stitching. 

Hot Tops & Hot Tanks

The original Hot Top gets your whole upper body hot with technology-enhanced Neoprene. Sports mesh and jersey at the underarms and along your sides help keep you cool and fresh. If you don't want to target your chest, go for the new Hot Top 2.0, which still gets your stomach, back and hips hot but covers the bust with comfy Lycra instead. A secure hem keeps the top in place as you move. 

The signature fabric heating technology and material in all of our Hotwear is designed to help you sweat. If you tend to sweat more heavily during sessions of intense cardio, we recommend that you use black Hotwear. 

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