What's the difference between Zaggora Hot Tees / Hot Tanks / Hot Tees?

Good question! 

There are some subtle differences between our Hot Tees and Structured Hot Tees. 

Bust Area

Both the Hot Tee and Structured Hot tee are 'hot all over', using our Thermofit fabrics. This includes the bust area. Whereas our Hot Tanks, are only using our Thermofit fabric that's heating around the tummy, not the bust. Around the bust area, our Hot Tanks use a soft Lycra instead.

Fitting and Cut 

Our Hot Tee is less structured and is a looser fit compared to our Structured Tee that is more fitted and designed to flatter your shape. The Hot Tee also has a lower back than the Structured Tee. The Hot Tank is also not structured in its fit. 

None of our products need to be tight to work. They should be comfortable to wear like any other active wear garment.


The fabric is the same for both the Hot Tee and Structured Hot Tee. The Tank uses the same heating fabric around the tummy, but not the bust area. Instead, around the bust the Hot Tank uses Lycra. 

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